I've served the people of Anoka County every day for 19 years.  I've been building relationships with Law Enforcement, County Departments, and the Public in ALL of Anoka County every day of those 19 years.  I've listened intently every day of those 19 years, not just during campaign season.  What I've learned is that people want to be safe and feel safe.  They don't want many of the "Hennepin County Ideas" here in Anoka.

This starts with supporting law enforcement, which is another thing I know our communities believe in wholeheartedly.  In that vein, I've done several things during my tenure as Criminal Division Chief to support our law enforcement partners:

1 - Created an "Intensive Enforcement" protocol to ensure a higher level of review and accountability for those who assault Police, Fire, and other First Responders, as well as the explosion in Fleeing cases, which put officers and the public at tremendous risk.

2 - Assisted in securing a grant for a full-time Auto Theft prosecutor to work with law enforcement to combat the increase in Auto Theft and Catalytic Converter theft.

3 - Handled over two dozen allegations of officer misconduct and improper use-of-force, including several officer involved shootings, for more than seven different counties statewide. I've done so with a unique approach for each case, not relying on a "one-size fits all" solution or routine use of "conflict attorneys."

Other significant priorities include the Anoka County Attorney's Office remaining at the forefront of combatting Elder Abuse, as well as developing more comprehensive responses to Human Trafficking issues in both investigation and prosecution.


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